Build your dream in one day - ClickClack prefab

The ClickClack system is a modular building system for creating fully isolated prefab modules for residential or professional use such as annexes, cabins, bungalows, bunkhouses, offices or retail spaces.


The system is based on prefabricated panels with exterior and interior finishing that incorporates a special anchorage system that allows volumes to be put together in matter of hours without any screws or special tools.


You can either choose from our pre-defined Express modulels or simply tell us the dimensions and we will tell you the panels you need.  Module max height 3 meters, max width 3.40 meters and max lenght 10 meters. For bigger spaces simply combine different modules. 


One system – isolation, floor, walls and roof.

Premium quality prefabs
Fully isolated. Rapid Construction. Endless combinations.


The ClickClack panels are delivered with a standard metallic plate in white or grey or a high resistance plaster plate. Clients can choose to leave the contemporary metallic plates or customize on top with other materials such as wall paper or wood for a more rustic feel.

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