Advantages - ClickClack Modular Building System


In the world of construction it has always been a challenge to get the maximum benefits from a single design element. A construction element that complies with all the features needed for a space to be inhabited; structure, enclosure and isolation (facade, floors, roof), installations, in-door and outdoor finishing. The ClickClack modular building system incorporates all of these characteristics in one panel.


STRUCTURE: The ClickClack panels are self-supporting; it does not require any other structure to support it. The rigidity is ensured through a study of the effective distribution of the binding sites of the whole. The panel thickness increases with increasing the size of the building and for large areas the panels can be re-enforced.





ENCLOSURE & JOINTS: The ClickClack panels serve as walls, ceilings and floors. The excellent tightness and isolation between panels helps to maintain a constant heat transfer coefficient, prevent leaks and ensures optimal conservation of the interior temperature. The joints are perfect, without gaps that avoids dirt entering. The anchors do not contain any metal parts so there is no risk of oxidation. The panels are high pressure injected with polyurethane foam with a density of 42-44kg/m3. Polyurethane is a foam of millions of tiny closed cells with an extremely low transmission coefficient.





EXTERNAL AND INTERIOR FINISHES: The rigid plates that cover the panels can be of any material with sufficient rigidity. This allows us to combine different materials to either side of the panel. Thus, the same panel can incorporate the final finishing of the interior and exterior (wood, aluminum, cement board, plastics, etc ….)



EASY TRANSPORT: A ClickClack module can be delivered assembled or disassembled depending on the project. Assembly at destination is ideal in order to optimize transportation cost. Most prefabs are assembled in factory which makes them limited as they have to fit inside a container or on a truck. Other types of special transportation increases prices significantly.  With click clack you don’t have these limitations. For example; in a 20 feet container you could fit approximately a 13m2 conventional prefab – in the same 20 feet container you could fit a 100m2 click clack prefab.





EASY & QUICK ASSEMBLY: The ClickClack panel incorporates a simple but efficient patented anchorage system. The system is hermetic and completely stainless. Each panel “click” together and is tightened with a plastic screw integrated in the anchorage system. A ClickClack module can be delivered assembled or disassembled depending on the project. Assembly at destination is ideal in order to optimize transportation cost. Due to the weight and simplicity of the panels two or three person can easily build a module. The packaging is clearly marked and indicates the module and pieces it contains.





LOW COST: As a result of the advantages in this section; one constructive element for all requirements, easy transport and quick assembly – ClickClack is one of the more competitive construction systems around.

The construction of a conventional 60m2 house can take months while the assembly of a 60m2 ClickClack construction takes one day. Even if adding a few weeks of finishing work the savings in man-hours are significant.



FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS: ClickClack is a modular concept, which means that options are endless. Depending on a project a number of modules in almost any size can be created, from a luxury cabin to the standard sleeping bracket or office modules.





ELECTRICAL & OTHER INSTALATIONS: The ClickClack panel incorporates tubes for electrical installations. The panels can also easily be manipulated/perforated for other installation such as water, gas or air-conditioning.





DOORS AND WINDOWS: With the use of a circular saw the ClickClack panels and modules can be easily manipulated in order to integrate windows, doors and other accessories.