We Provide The Building Blocks
You Design It
You Build It
You Finish It
Design Your Module
Make It Yours
Infinite Possibilities

You Choose, Build, Customize

 We Provide The Building Blocks


As individual as you. Customize. 


At ClickClack we provide the module, its up to each client to make it their own. Depending if you are building a backyard office, a cabin or a pop-up store some prefer the contemporary look of our panels while others prefer to decorate the walls with wallpaper or wood. We are dedicated to provide clients with easy solutions to customize their module. We can also customize the panels for you on order.


Just tell us what you want and we provide the building blocks. 






This video from our workshop shows how a ClickClack module can be easily costumized with wood. 


Sky is the limit. At ClickClack we believe in creativity and that each client should add the finishing touch to their module. 



Design your module & make it yours. 

Infinite possibilities