ClickClack Prefab

Easy integration of doors, windows and accesories




With the use of a circular saw the ClickClack panels and modules can be easily manipulated in order to integrate windows, doors and other accessories such as air-conditioning and toilets in your ClickClack Prefab. The panels also incorporate pre-installation for electricity. 


At ClickClack we have available a range of window and doors that we install before shipping. Clients are however free to purchase and install windows, doors and other accessories locally. 


It is recommended the help of professionals to install accessories. Bellow are some photos and videos explaining how its done.



Do it Yourself

If you are a handy-man or woman the ClickClack panels can be easily manipulated with the use of a jigsaw. So if you dont know exactly the windows or doors that you want to integrate in your module you can cut the holes once receive your module. 

Factory PreCut

If you know the exact size of doors and windows that you want to install in your module for a small extra cost the openings can be factory pre-cut. 

Factory Assembled

At ClickClack we offer a range of high quality aluminium doors and windows that can be delivered already mounted in the panels. 

Do it Yourself Tutorial: How to Install Doors and Windows



How to Install Panoramic Windows and Sliding Doors

 The opening for panoramic windows and sliding doors that go across several panels have to be cut once a module has been mounted. Simply cut the necessary opening and insert the panoramic window or sliding door. In the case of larger widths a preframe might be necessary. Factory pre-cuts are also available for panoramic windows and doors. The final cut has to be done once a module has been mounted.