The ClickClack Panel

A Structural Lightweight Insulated Element 



The ClickClack panel is a prefabricated structural insulating panel composed of polyurethane injected in a closed mold, coated by two rigid plates. The interior plates are normally plaster plates while the exterior metal sheet plates.


The panels are high pressure injected with polyurethane foam with a density of 42-44kg/m3. Polyurethane is a foam of millions of tiny closed cells with an extremely low transmission coefficient.


Depending on the size of a given construction, office or bungalow for example, the dimensions of the panels that make up the contruction are automatically calculated (height, width, thickness) in order to find the optimal solution. Normally panels are have a width of 60-90 cm, a height 250-300 cm and a thickness of 10-20 cm.






THE PANELS meet the product normative UNE 41.950. This means that the manufacturer must carry out periodical tests and auditing in accorded official laboratories and organisms. The metallic panels also meet the M2 classification for the ignitability and rate of burning compliant to the UNE 23.727-90 norm.





The ClickClack panel also incorporates a special anchorage system to “click” together the panels making the joint completely hermetic. The anchorage system has a mechanism that can be tightened with a normal screwdriver. The system does not contain any metallic pieces making it completely stainless.








The ClickClack panels are manufactured just outside Barcelona in a 20.000m2 fully automated state of the art factory.